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This will be a detailed description of the entry concept of the JKD Street Fighting Strategy.

In JKD it only takes one good hit to start the dominos falling in your favor.
The skill of Entering:
The entry is the first attack that you will issue to start a domino effect that will lead to the destruction of your opponent.

The concept of the entry is to slightly lengthen your opponents reacion time to give you time to finish the fight, so basically you are stealing time away from him.

The entry must be to a vital target, don't punch them in the peck, it's simply not going to work, when striking use a system that I use to pick out an effective entering attack on my opponent. This strategy is not my own I learned from an in structor in Chinese Kenpo.

The B.E.A.M. System

1. Take their Breath way you win.
2. Take their Eye sight you win.
3. Take away their Attention you win.
4. Take away their movement you win.

That is a great guide line you decide what strike that you will want to do that will acheive at least one of those requirements.

An enry can either be a Limb Destruction, Interception, Counter-Attack, or a Pre-Emptive Attack

Limb Destruction:

Limb Destruction was taken from the martial art of Kali, it is used when for instance an opponent throw a straight punch to your nose, you would raise your elbow to the level of the target so his fist will run right into your elbow, it cause great pain which took his ATTENTION away from the fight and onto the pain. Giving you a chance to rush in and quickly end the fight.


An interception is when you strike the opponent in preperation, or in mid-stream of an attack. This is known as a Stop-Hit. An example would be if your opponent is going for a hook to the head and in the middle of his attack, you side kick him in the knee.


A counter-attack is used after the opponent has usually made an unsuccessful attack and you either got out of the way of the attack, or you blocked or parried the strike and hit him.

Pre-Emptive Attack:

A pre-emptive attack is when you attack even before the opponent decides he is going to attack you. In other words you throw the first blow. I believe that it is totaly alright to throw the first blow as long as ther was a worthy reason behind it. If you feel threatened by an opponent who approaches you aggressivly don't wait ATTACK INSTANTLY! Especially if it is a weapon attack or possibly a mass attack situation.