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DRAGON-The Bruce Lee Story

 Shots from the film "Dragon"
bleedragon-3.jpg Part of the opening sequence, this is part of Bruce's fathers dream, where Bruce as a child is staring at his fathers demon.
One of the excellent fight scenes where Bruce is demonstrating his "new" method of fighting, Jeet Kune Do on an opponent he has met before. bleedragon-5.jpg
bleedragon-4.jpg This is a shot from after the above fight scene of Bruce (played by Jason Scott Lee) and His wife Linda (played by Lauren Holly)
If you've seen Enter the Dragon, you might recognise this part which is Bruce in the filming of Enter The Dragon, just before he meets his fathers demon, and confronts it. bleedragon-1.jpg
bleedragon-2.jpg Part of the closing scene where Bruce is at the final shooting of Enter the Dragon, you might once again recognise the rows of martial arts pupils behind Bruce, who have just given a bow in respect.