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BRUCE LEE - My interpretation - By Mark

From a very young age Bruce Lee aged 12 began to learn the art of Wing Chun, his teacher was Yip Man, probably one of the most famous teachers in China. The reason that Bruce Lee learnt the art was because he used to get into fights and lose, one day he came and said "I want to learn Wing Chun, So I can defend myself". So Bruce Lee spent 6 years learning the art of Wing Chun.  Bruce Lee caused a bit of trouble in Hong Kong, where he lived with his family, and kept continued getting in trouble, eventually being wanted by the police. He at this point moved back to the land  America.

Just before Bruce Lee left his father gave him some money, Bruce Lee decided to go to University study philosophy.  He worked in Chinese restaurants normally  he washing dishes and did some watering. During this time he also taught some people martial arts.  Bruce Lee opens his first martial arts school called "The Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute". Bruce Lee marries Linda against her mothers will. Opens a second school of martial arts by the same name. He receives a warning from the Chinese community saying that he should not teach the "gwai lo" (pronounciation is correct, but I am not sure of the spelling!) being the whites, blacks and asians. Bruce Lee said that he would teach whoever wanted to learn. And thus fought a battle to decide on if he could or not. He won the fight and taught who he wanted! Quite a few months go by.... Bruce Lee suffers a back injury, where doctors tell him he will never be able to fight again. Bruce Lee had long before decided that martial arts had too many fixed moves and traditions in it, and began to develop his own method of fighting, which used the basic moves but had no fixed positions. The birth of "Jeet Kune Do". He, with the help of his wife drafts a book called "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" which was published by Linda Lee shortly after Bruce's death. The birth of Bruce's first child, and also the birth of "Green Hornet" and "Kato" , which was Bruce Lee's character in the not so successful series. The program was very big in China and was know as "The Kato Show" starring Bruce Lee. A few months pass.... Bruce Lee's father dies, and Bruce returns to China for the funeral. He begins his movie making career with "The Big Boss" a Chinese made film. He then goes on to making other Chinese films such as "Fist of Fury" and "The way of the Dragon"..... Look at the Bruce Lee Collection available on 4 Front Video.......

The Bruce Lee Collection
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4 Front Video - Sorry no Link!

The most famous film that Bruce Lee probably made was of course "Enter The Dragon" a Hollywood epic which took Bruce back into the states. This film is a must see for any martial arts fan, and if you're a Bruce Lee fan, then you have probably already seen it! This film had all the makings of an original Chinese martial arts film, it had all the old style sound effects etc. The fight sequences said to be the best of any martial arts film ever made, well why not watch it and decide for yourself? This is where the story ends.