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"Use the most barbaric tools of your body: Your Head Buttts, Knees, and Elbows."...Paul Vunak


Trapping Range
The trapping range is the closest range of stand up fighting. It is the range at which you finish off the enemy with the most brutal tools of your body, your head butts, knees and elbows.

Another reason we like to fight in the trapping range is because most of the population of people including martial artist are not skilled in fighting in the trapping range. That give you a "Fighing Edge." After you have successfully Entered and Straight Blasted, you can now enter to the trapping range, or which we will put the finishing touches of the fight.

Another aspect of the trapping range are hand immobilizations also known as traps. To be effieicnt with HIAs in the trapping range you must have all three of these main key. One positioning, two timing, and three sensitivity.

All of these qualities can be learned through the practiving of ENERGY DRILLS. Energy Drill are practive drill which build senitivity in the fore arms.

You can learn these drill on my site, just click on the page below that says "ENERGY DRILLS."